Several outcomes have already been obtained by IAUPR Barranquitas and Arecibo campus.

1. A new academic offering, a BS in Biotechnology, is being planned to start in both campuses by August 2005. The BS in Biotechnology is focused on the molecular basis of life processes and the techniques used in the control and the study of such cellular processes.

2. Course syllabus for the following courses have been updated: Biology 1103, 2013, and 4605 (Laboratory Skills I,II, and III). Learning experiences have been integrated, taking into consideration modern developments in biotechnology and molecular biology.

3. A series of faculty workshops in the area of biotechnology and molecular biology have been developed. This faculty training concentrates in intensive sessions, covering theoretical and experimental knowledge.

4. A collection of laboratory protocols as reference material for faculty has been developed. This reference material covers a basic core of recombinant DNA techniques useful in the undergraduate biology and biotechnology courses.

5. Two laboratories (one in each campus) have been equipped qith the proper instrumentation and materials necessary in biology and biotechnology.

6. A group of students participate in the job-training experience as laboratory assistants.

7. As part of the dissemination plan, the conference, The Future of Biotechnology in Puerto Rico has been prepared and offered in various high schools and universities. The conference is presented by Project Director and uses of several multimedia tools and applications.